Funny pictures and videos celebrating what makes 'Merica great.


I started in June 2012 because ‘Merica humor was showing up just about everywhere I went… online, hanging out with friends and family, you name it. Maybe it’s because I fit the ‘Merica mold or maybe I have a twisted sense of humor, but I had to start collecting this stuff to share with others.

I make this site in my spare time (which isn’t much) so it might take a while for me to get the site where I want it to be. I’m hoping to automate the submission process so visitors can submit content to the site. But for now, if you have something you think should be included on, send me an email at submitcontent [at]

Please note: All of the content on this website has been submitted by our visitors and if you’re offended by it, then you really need to lighten up.