Funny pictures and videos celebrating what makes 'Merica great.

2 Millions Bikers in DC. Because MERICA!


2 million bikers 2 million bikers 2 million bikers

2 Million  Bikers ride into DC to commemorate 9/11. Why? Because MERICA! That’s why.

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Best Friends

You gotta love when best friends hang out at the lakes in Merica!


‘Merica in Fenway

Merica in Fenway Park

Merica in Fenway Park

Thanks for the submission, Troy.

A picture of me after Saturday’s 4-3 win by the Boston Red Sox over the Kansas City Royals at Fenway park in Boston, MA.  It was an emotional game, their first in Boston since the Marathon Bombing.  There was a big ceremony before the game, and Neil Diamond showed up in the middle of the 8th inning to sing Sweet Caroline!  I wore this shirt, and the frame of the sunglasses is an American Flag as well.  The sign I’m holding up was given to each fan on the way in.  Boston! ‘MERICA!


Merican money plane


This is way too impressive, unless you live in ‘Merica!

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Snow – God’s Natural Beer Cooler

Snow - Gods Natural Beer Cooler


White snow = blue mountains. I’ll have a drink to #merica!


Merican SUVs


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Redneck Hot Tubs

Redneck Hot Tub Redneck Hot TubRedneck Hot Tub Redneck Hot Tub  Redneck Hot Tub Redneck Hot Tub

I know there are more of these somewhere in ‘MERICA! If you have some more photos, submit them here, because ‘MERICA!.


Fu Manchu ‘Merican Style

Fu Manchu 'Merican Style

Fu Manchu ‘Merican style. Merica!



Dukes of Falujah

I just wanna see some Daisy Dukes.


Official Airline of ‘Merica

I’d fly on it. It’s ‘Merican!