Funny pictures and videos celebrating what makes 'Merica great.

Official Airline of ‘Merica

Merican Airlines

I'd fly on it. It's 'Merican! … [Continue reading]

Rocky – A True ‘Merican Patriot

Rocky Balboa - Merica!

This guy makes me miss the Cold War. 'Merica! … [Continue reading]

Hot Blonde Spread Eagle

Hot Blonde Spread Eagle - Merica!

Hot blonde, spread eagle. Commas make a difference. … [Continue reading]

Snowblower Tank Trolley

Snowblower Cart

I'll admit, if I had a snowblower with tank tracks on it, I'd probably do the same thing. … [Continue reading]

Bring your guns to church

Gun Show Church Service

Does anyone else think this has something to do with Westboro Baptist Church? … [Continue reading]

West Virginia Soccer Mom – MERICA!

West Virginia Soccer Mom

That's jacked up, right there. … [Continue reading]

Wendy’s Drive Thru

Wendy's Drive Thru

How do you think she got her feet propped up there? … [Continue reading]

Work it, girl!

Work it girl! Merica.

I'll bet she still worked up a sweat. … [Continue reading]

Pew Pew Pew

Pew Pew Pew. Merica

You know you wanna have a beer with this guy. … [Continue reading]

Bank of Merica


[Continue reading]