Funny pictures and videos celebrating what makes 'Merica great.

Domestic Violence Beer

Domestic Violence Beer

One word... PBR. 'Merica! … [Continue reading]

Stealing Olympic Thunder


'Merica... Stealing other countries' thunder all the way from Mars. … [Continue reading]

Can I Get a Big Mac?

Big Mac with a side of Freedom

Can I get a Big Mac with a side of Freedom? … [Continue reading]

Guns and boobs. You’re welcome.

Guns and boobs

Guns and boobs. You're welcome 'merica. … [Continue reading]

Redneck Wind Chimes (10 images)

Redneck Wind Chimes

There's nothing like the sound of a handful of empty beer cans and bottles clanging together in a cool summer breeze. Aaaaahhhh.... 'Merica. … [Continue reading]

Inhale Freedom Exhale Patriotism

Inhale freedom exhale patriotism

Inhale freedom exhale patriotism. Happy Independence Day 'Merica! … [Continue reading]

Does this gun have skis on the bottom?

That's a big gun

That's the pride of Virginia right there. 'Merica! … [Continue reading]

Gun Control – Some people just don’t have it

Gun control

I doubt I'm the only one who'd like to see what happened when she pulled the trigger. … [Continue reading]

United Steaks of America

United Steaks of America

United Steaks of America. Fire up the grill! … [Continue reading]

Budweiser Beer Tanks

Budweiser Beer Tank

Anyone willing to try a keg stand? … [Continue reading]